CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS) Back Online

Civil Service Commission Recruitment and Placement Office (ERPO) re-opened its Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS) for all Career Service Exam – Computer Assisted Test (CSE-CAT) Applicants. The decision to put the CSE-CAT Application Reservation System back online is due to the significant number of applicants who did not appear on their designated schedule of filing of forms.

For August 2009, the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS) will accept a total number of eighty (80) new applications for the Career Service Examination–Computer-Assisted Test (CSE-CAT).

Apply online at the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System.


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  1. When is the next on line application for OCARS CAT

  2. Rizamae Ave says:

    When is the schedule of the 2012 CSC CAT

  3. elizabeth martell says:

    when po ang next CSE-CAT thank you

  4. IRISH DAVIN says:


  5. Maria Christina M. Basalo says:

    this October 2012, is there any schedule of Online Reservation for CSE-CAT

  6. daniel says:

    good day,
    ask ko lang sana kung kelan ako pwedeng sign sa online registration for November schedule, hindi pa kasi ata pwede ngaun? so, may tentative date ba para sa filing ng online reservation..

  7. rob says:

    hi ask ko lang f when ako pwede magonline registration for my CAT exams in civil service for the month of dec.
    . pls give me feedback. tnx. Godbless CSC

  8. Anonymous says:

    when is the next on line application for OCARS CAT 2013??tnx…

  9. MERCY says:


    ask ko po kailan pwde magonline registration for my CSC-CAT exams in civil service for the month of December 2012

  10. bernadette pepe says:

    ask ko lang po kelan puwedeng register for my CSC-CAT exams in civil service for this year i hope i received this feedback thank you.

  11. Hi, when is the schedule in registering CSE-CAT this year 2013?

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