Civil Service Exam Results October 2012

The results of the Civil Service Exam Results October 2012 will be posted here when released by the Civil Service Commission


Civil Service Professional Exam Results October 2012:

CSC Professional – Region 1
CSC Professional – Region 2
CSC Professional – Region 3
CSC Professional – Region 4
CSC Professional – Region 5
CSC Professional – Region 6
CSC Professional – Region 7
CSC Professional – Region 8
CSC Professional – Region 9
CSC Professional – Region 10
CSC Professional – Region 11
CSC Professional – Region 12
CSC Professional – NCR
CSC Professional – CAR
CSC Professional – CARAGA
CSC Professional – ARMM

Civil Service Sub Professional Exam Results October 2012:

CSC Sub-Prof – Region 1
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 2
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 3
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 4
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 5
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 6
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 7
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 8
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 9
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 10
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 11
CSC Sub-Prof – Region 12
CSC Sub-Prof – NCR
CSC Sub-Prof – CAR
CSC Sub-Prof – ARMM

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Good luck to all!

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  1. F says:

    panu po malalaman kung kailan mkukuha ng cert ng passer ng civil service exam?.. taga region IV – A po..thank you very much!

  2. Aries says:

    Im from region 4 din… la pa ako narereciv qng pede na kunin ung cert.. kelan kaya? la naman nagrereply sa email nila

  3. charlie says:

    guys from region 4… i guess. you should contact the CSCRO 4 for more info… or ask your local post office

  4. nhetie says:

    Cnu pong tga reg.4? may announcement or info na po bang dumating sa inyo if kelan makukuha ang certificate? thanks! :)

  5. jmariz says:

    hello po. nakatanggap or may sinabi na po bang schedule for claiming of CoE? automated email yung narerecieve ko whenever I ask them for the schedule. kung sino po nakakaalam ng sched for claiming ng CoE sa NCR, kindly post it here. SALAMAT PO NG MARAMI! :)

  6. hi po wala po ako sa list panu po un?


  8. f says:

    April na..wala pa din po ba claiming ng Certificate sa region IV-A?wala pa din sumasagot sa kanila..

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